About me

I'm a postdoc researcher in the Planetary and Exoplanetary Atmospheres group at JPL. I'm currently working on specular reflection on Titan's surface and lossy data compression for outer-planetary missions.

Before coming to JPL, I worked at the University of Nantes (FR) where I developed the Cassini-VIMS data portal containing all Saturn's icy moons calibrated data and the pyvims python module.

In 2017, I completed my PhD in Astrophysics at the University of Reims (FR) where I developed radiative transfer models to analyze the detached haze layers observed by Cassini-ISS instrument at high altitude in Titan's upper atmosphere.

Recent publications

Investigating Lunar Boulders at the Apollo 17 Landing Site Using Photogrammetry and Virtual Reality

Le Mouélic et al. (2020) - Remote Sensing

Photometrically-corrected global infrared mosaics of Enceladus

Robidel et al. (2020) - Icarus

SpiceyPy: a Pythonic Wrapper for the SPICE Toolkit

Annex et al. (2020) - JOSS

The 3.4 μm absorption in Titan's stratosphere

Cours et al. (2020) - Icarus

The Cassini VIMS archive of Titan

Le Mouélic et al. (2019) - Icarus

Mapping polar atmospheric features on Titan with VIMS

Le Mouélic et al. (2018) - Icarus

As of June 2020, I contributed to 14 peer-reviewed publications (submitted or accepted) including 5 papers as first or second author. I also frequently present my results in international conferences in Europe and the United States. A complete list of my publications can be found there: